The headboard offers a three-dimensional effect and unlike the other beds has tapered side panels that surround the bed frame. An upholstered board of a different material is inserted at the head of the bed to visually divide the headboard and make it pleasing to the eye. You can underline the originality and unusualness of the bed with just the right legs.



Design, detail and health

We put considerable emphasis on design and use catchy details to underline the overall impression. These elements particularly concern the headboard, bevel sides and the base. All Polstrin beds are firm, stable and bring out the best in a healthy sleep.


New wooden legs were specially designed for the new collection of beds to allow us to highlight the frame around the sides. It is a distinctive, eye-catching feature that is offered in oak finish, in its natural color with oil varnish. A bolder option are the beech legs in raspberry and turquoise color.


A height of 47 cm along the sides makes getting up a comfortable experience for the beds Ola, Evora and Alícia. The other beds also have a new more comfortable height of 45 cm. You can adjust the height of the slats using the fittings in the frame of the bed and can also base the height on your choice of mattress.

Storage spaces

Adding a floorboard to the lower edge of the side panels will create a storage space that will not visually alter the look of the bed but will retain its airiness. The second option is to lower the side panels to the floor and add the floorboard inside the frame of the bed to fully exploit its space.

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