You can try out the foam and spring mattresses in quiet atmosphere of our shop. For allergic individuals we have removable and washable mattress overlays. If you need non-standard size or even custom mattresses, we will be happy to meet your needs. 



SELENE is a luxury seven-zoned sandwich mattress. Its core is made up of very high quality bulk cold foam, which ensures high quality and durability of the mattress. Profiled core ensures circulating air inside the mattress and also creates 7 anatomic zones in the matress. To enhance sleeping comfort associated with choice of stiffness of the upper lying area are used two different types of foams in one mattress. In the upper side of the mattress a a viscoelastic foam is used, and on the other side a latex foam is used.





MAPA is a high quality mattress with its core composed of 5-zone pocket-springs. The sides of the mattress are made of high quality polyurethane foam. The spring core is covered with the spreading layer which is firmer on one side and softer on the other side which means that by turning the mattress we get a choice of two stiffnesses. On the lying areas a cold foam is used, which, thanks to its open structure ensures airiness of the mattress. Excellent pointy and elasticity of cold foam helps/provides the quality of mattress. Zone core provides an excellent anatomic conditions while laying down.

The cover for the mattress Selene, Map: BAMBOO / This is a luxury coating made from a fabric containing bamboo fibers. The cover is equipped with a zip on 4 sides, thus the strip is washable up to 40 ° C.


sono_1SONO is a mattress that comes with a new solution of maximum ventilation and moisture management (fan zone). At its core a ventilating foam Dryfeel and contoured zone layers are used. On this basic core is placed upper 4 cm layer of foam, which can be replaced at any time during use of the mattress without need of changing the core of mattress. You can choose between two types of foams, namely: V-viscoelastic or K-cold high volume PUR foam.

Cover: MICRO assets / has the ability to destroy actively fungi and bacteria. It is suitable for allergy sufferers. The cover is removable and washable up to 60 ° C.




nyx_1NYX is an exclusive mattress with a micro pocket-spring core. Around the spring is a reinforcing frame made of high quality polyurethane foam with profiled ventilation openings to ensure air circulation. The core itself has 7 anatomic zones. The springs are on each side overlapped differently rigid bearing layer, which means that by turning the mattress, you get two different solid lying areas. Furthermore, there is a layer of horsehair to ensure aeration of the lying surface. As the last layer a latex foam is used which, thanks to its composition, repels mites thereby actively counteracting allergies. This mattress also works very well with humidity and gives pleasant softness to the lying surface. 

Cover: Kashmir / This is a luxury cover made of cloth with cashmere. Cover is removable and washable up to 40 ° C.



Besides our mattresses we also offer products from Czech company SOnES. It specializes in the production of zone mattresses that have varying levels of stiffness in different places of lying areas that achieve balanced and healthy anchoring of sleeping body. The company offers a variety of fillings inside their mattresses (eg. Duren fillings are very flexible and actively promote regeneration of the spine) and various types of coatings - winter and summer covers from polyester fibers, which are suitable for allergy sufferers.

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