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A chair user-friendly for all

Variooo is a dainty chair; using an ingenious system of pins you can change the height and depth of the seat. This chair thus adapts to the ergonomics of its users. Its wide variability helps to perfect the seating position and its playfulness creates a pleasant atmosphere needed for your communication with your friends. Thanks to its lightness and timeless design it blends into student rooms, small apartments as well as clubs.


The modern wooden construction of the Variooo chair ensures the stability and practicality of this product. The structure contains the upholstery, concealed by a simple sliding system. This allows for variability of the seating cushions and selection of the correct ergonomic seating for everyone.

The sliding system is based on wooden pins at the bottom of each upholstered cushion - these slide into holes of the plates. Both plates have a set of openings designed for different sizes of seat depth and the height of the back rest (450/525/600 mm). This system allows the adjustment the Variooo chair for everyone separately and provide maximum comfort for individual seating.

Designer of the Variooo chair is David Pacák, a student of the Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí nad Labem.


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