Design Collection

Ai-ro – Ai-ro is a unique collection of seating furniture for public premises, which emerged from proposals of the successful young designer Jan Čtvrtník.

The uniqueness of this collection is defined by the original sources of inspiration which initially led to ideas of successful implementation of the entire collection. Seating furniture opens the "dialogue" between the user and the interior where it is located. 

A new member has been added to the family of applied art and it will become a proud representative of Czech design. Individual elements of this collection can be connected into various configurations so it can develop endless options for relaxation. Some elements are suitable as seating in foyers, entrance halls and dormitories.  

In short, wherever it is necessary to join but not as a full-fledged seat.

Design: Jan Čtvrtník



Ai-ro can be valued at relaxing or studying spaces of councils, offices, schools and elsewhere, it is suitable for people of all age categories and interests. You cansit on in a mannered way or sit in a relaxing pose, lie around, study, work or play board games with friends on this shape and utility interesting and to normal range unclassiable seating. 


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