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Momo – Momo is not seating furniture, Momo is a settee/a small couch

The MOMO couch easily becomes a stylish accessory in men´s or women´s study room/office and it also finds its utilization in the guest room. 

The fact is a truly functional design which demonstrates the possibility to complement this model of a sofa with a simple folding mechanism. Thanks to two backrest cushions you can invent loads of different variety of seating, lounging and sleeping. To the perfect comfort contributes (as every couch should have) a flexible, supporting and simultaneously soft upholstery with Bonell springy frame. 

The basic element of the whole model of this sofa is ALUcompact board that is made of a core reinforced with an aluminium plates of 0,42 mm thick.  Thanks to these plates it has extreme strength and it has maximum reinforcement. The visible layer is formed from a decorative film. 

Design: Helena Dařbujánová


The originality of entire product is enhanced by apertures in the back board that are interesting and an original element. Traditional Czech couch and design comes to life in conjuction with classical upholstery material and modern ALUcompact. 


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