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News in Polstrin store

Polstrin Store in Pražská Třída in Hradec Králové has enticed lovers of good taste for many years. They come for inspiration and professional advice about arranging their interiors, especially about the choice of the furniture and original accesories which are produced right here in our building. The customer looks first at the entrance vestibule where Polstrin offers its original sofas and seating furniture. These are characterized by excellent workmanship, often with a high proportion of manual work, and original designs by Czech designers.

In addition to „large furniture“ you will find a wide range of homeware. Polstrin makes some of them, such as side tables, stainless steel platters for armrests or decorative pillows. The others are carefully selected for customers to acquire the best of contemporary European market. Then you can choose from the collections of unsurpassed Czech glass and crystal, German smart porcelain or Italian atypical lights.

In the lower level of the store you will also find a healthy sleeping studio where beds from the Polstrin workshop are displayed. Customers can order beds here, exactly as they wish, including the choice of the size of bed frame, special matresses and covering materials. They will also find other accessories for the bedroom, such as pillows, blankets, quilts and bedding, all from world renowned brands including traditional Czech manufacturer Veba, from Broumov.

A brand new showroom on the first floor is devoted to seniors and their specific needs in terms of furniture. Polstrin offers special sofa sets and armchairs, made by the the German company Himolla. They have many years of experience in this area and their products fulfill the most demanding criteria for safety and wholesomeness. They hold a certificate from AGR, German association of physicians, in the campaign for healthier backs.

Customers, looking for the best for themselves or for their loved ones, can personally try special sofa sets in Polstrin, intended for seniors. It is controlled by mechanical or electric motors which significantly facilitate sitting down and standing up for their users, thus rapidly reducing the possibility of an unexpected accident. Its lumbar props support often aching backs and with help of sliding seat cushions you can set not only for comfort but also the healthiest seating position for your rest.

Polstrin Store is open weekdays from 9 AM until 6 PM, and Saturday from 9 AM until 12:30 PM