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New logo of Polstrin – returning to our roots

Polstrin Company presents a new logo and with it a new graphic identity of the whole company. It symbolically enters into the next stage of its existence where it maintains the traditional craftmanship quality of its products but at the same time it does not hinder innovation in technology and design.

It is the tradition and cratsmanship that symbolizes a new look of the company logo. The initial letter P in the word Polstrin reflects a needle and thread as the basis of upholstery craft, yet associated with a high proportion of manual work. Simple graphic design brings clarity and simultaneously opens up a space for imagination, so important for life.

Production of upholstered furniture has a very long tradition, here in the original building of Polstrin Company in Hradec Králové. The first models of sofas and beds left the gates of the complex more than 50 years ago. And there is no difference today, the only difference is in the quality of processing, used materials and wide range of offers.

Unified sets of furniture from the 50s through to the 80s replaced highly functional and variable pieces with a unique aesthetic of the Polstrin brand. Today, the company boasts by its main manufacture custom that can produce furniture in accordance with the wishes of customers and their architects. In addition, it desposes of its own interior architects from the Polstrin Studio, who can help with the draft of the interior, from the first 2D and 3D designs to actual implementation.

The company provides space for Czech designers and therefore its products are often placed in charts of design competitions. At the same time it also does not resign on functionality and ergonomics of furniture therefore customers, who do not follow the latest trends appreciate it.