Designblok'16 invitation | POLSTRIN DESIGN

Designblok'16 invitation


Designbook, an exhibition of design and fashion, will take place in October.  Just like any other year, Polstrin will take part. Come to see our Superstudio stand at Průmyslový Palác, P. 03 O, Prague Holešovice Exhibition Grounds from 27 until 31 October.

There, we’re going to present our “To slow down and dream” easy chair.  Come to see for yourselves: once you lie down, you won’t feel like getting out of it. Two versions will be available: Chaise Loungue Pure and Comfort. The design of “Pure” is cleaner, while “Comfort” is more comfortable and softer at first sight.  

Our stand design has been chosen to present the upholsterer’s craft to the public. Check out our presentation video to see the craftsmanship of experienced upholsterers. 

We look forward to see you and hearing your observations and opinions. 

The Polstrin Team