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Stainless Accessories

Stainless Accessories

The notional icing on the cake of every home are quality accessorises. Our store brings you accessories made of first-class stainless steel transformed into unique products with modern design and high utility value. The lovers of modern decorative items such as stainless candlesticks, oil lamps, decorative bowls and many others will get their money´s worth. Just choose!

We offer quality products of German producers BLOMUS and ZACK in our store.



BLOMUS products come from the German production and they are predominantly stainless steel accessorises for the households. They are distinguished by high utility properties as well as high quality combined with the long durability and attractive modern design. The aim of BLOMUS products is to unite daily usage and the simplicity of its functions with the beauty of the material.




Home accessorises ZACK are products of high utility properties with high quality, modern design and long-lasting durability. Although these are products of a higher price range, the price is adequate to its high level of quality. The company was founded in 1985 and it is headquartered in Hamburg. ZACK purchase stainless steel from Japan mostly and manufactures it into both practical and decorative items suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and gardens.


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