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Kitchen Porcelain

From the world of crockery we recommend KAHLA porcelain to our customers. 


This German company offers elegant sets of high quality porcelain tableware which is well-known for its practical design and smart ergonomics. Individual pieces of the crockery can be combined so for example tea cup saucer fits underneath of coffee mug or cappuccino cup. Our speciality is porcelain designed for barbecues.

KAHLA manufacturer offers traditional white sets but they are not afraid of modern trends. Thus you can purchase colourful sets, sets with patterns or even the dishes that can be decorated every day, according to your present/actual mood. Moreover, it is called silent porcelain in which the contact edges are covered with a special „magic grip“ providing absolutely silent laying on every surface including glass tables.


KAHLA porcelain has no competitors in central Europe at the present time and their products are a synonymous with German quality, elegance and respect to environment and socially sensitive issues/topics (KAHLA porcelain gained „Pro Eco“ label and it is claimed to be 100% „Made in Germany“).


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