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Sheets and blankets

Appropriately selected sheets and blankets can do wonders with interiors! Whether it is a safe feeling of warmth of home or the cold beauty of ultramodern apartment, the sheets and blankets always complete the individuality and uniqueness of the whole space.

Come to our store to take a look at worldwide brands series. We are pleased to help you with the selection of colours and materials. And we also have solutions for those with some special requirements such as atypical proportions or health requirements for allergy sufferers and asthmatic people. 

We offer products of these brands in our store:


The traditional Czech producer of household textiles from Broumov can flexibly respond to your order and so fulfill your most personal wishes. The most common requirements are atypical proportions of sheets, for tall or short people. Polstrin store presents selected set of damask and satin bed sheets and terry products for your household.



JOOP! manufactures luxury bedding and blankets that are aware of its quality and this is why they proudly show it off. Sheets are made of cooling satin and they use neutral colour combinations that fit into any interior. Their graphic design comes from the most modern design, illustrations and font types. Thanks to the unique design they become to be little works of art that do not serve only as blankets but also as your interior decorations. 



ELEGANTE is traditional German bed sheets producer who has been in market for more than 40 years. Every year they innovates their collections with dozens of new patterns and we primarily offer red-white-blue coloured sheets that refer to yachting style and the spirit of the Mediterranean Sea. We offer other series as well so just come to consult with our trained sales assistants about which colours and patterns precisely fits into your interior. 


Bruno Banani

The company was founded in 1993, headquartered in Chemnitz and they produce bed sheets that are very different from others and characterized by bright colours and modern designs. These sheets are particularly suitable for interiors inhabited by young people who expect not only the quality of material but also the originality of the overall appearance.


Besides bed sheets, you can purchase in our store the filling for your sheets such as pillows and blankets.

German brand BUGATTI produces blankets and pillows with a special filling made of the nanofiber. It is especially suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatic people because it prevent establishment of the mold which makes them much healthier than traditional feather fillings of feathers. Blankets are smartly quilted (the filling cannot move) and they are available in summer cooling and yearlong warming variants.

In contrast, the brand KAMÝK DAUEN from the Central Bohemia´s town Kamýk nad Vltavou, bet on feathers down and offers several types of quilted blankets and covers. Exceptional properties of feathers provide optimal climate and allow your skin to breathe so you wake up completely rested. The feather blankets also absorb a large amount of moisture thus ensures the natural temperature regulation during your sleep. 




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