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Exceeds your expectations

The FERÉS sofa set stands out among any other sofa sets on offer for its rounded shape. It was designed to be used in small spaces, something especially small-size apartment owners will appreciate. Likeable for both its design and compactness, this sofa set will surprise you with unexpected functionalities that accommodate people of almost all shapes and sizes.  You can choose yourself which functionality suits you the best.  



The comprehensive version of FERÉS includes adjustable back rests that provide adequate support for you to lean back and relax. The sitting section may include a quality pull-out system that extends the depth of the seat by 3.7 or 12 cm.  The fold-out mechanism is upholstered and may be used to expand the sitting area to create a place to lie down and relax or, using an additional piece, as a guest bed.  An adjustable armrest will ensure your arm gets adequate support according to what you need to do. 



The original look of this sofa set may be enhanced by a distinctive contrast seam. It stands out on the leather version and  provides an attractive contrast to some of the upholstery fabrics on offer. This modern seam design will give your sofa set flair and underline your unique style. A presentation of sample threads may be downloaded below.


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