The sofa that never gets old

Thanks to its simple shapes the design of this variable model is truly timeless. We know that comfort is perceived very subjectively and therefore we offer you the possibility to choose between two stiffnesses of seat cushions and between two seat depths. For a deeper version we also offer the opportunity to supplement the sofa with a folding mechanism. Both the seat and the back cushions are double-sided so for longer life we recommend you to regularly rotate them. 

Sofa Ikarus is easily adaptable to any space, not only by the selection of individual elements, but also by the possibility to choose a wide or narrow armrest. The sofa, thanks to an upholstered back side, is standard on all our sofas, visually beautiful from all the sides and it does not have to be placed against the wall, it can be placed in any open space.

For the ultimate convenience prepared headrests can be moved as needed and placed exactly where needed. Effective are the additionally recommended footrests, classical legs or rails.

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