Originality and practical solution in one

This original sofa has all the big pluses. It is soft and has no sharp corners, so it is comfortable and safe. Seats are so light that even a child can manipulate with it. Moreover, it can be reclined and re-straightened- therefore you can create multiple variations for every situation.

Suitable combinations of fabric and colors makes this piece of furniture completely unique. We offer dozens of different upholstery fabrics in a wide variety of colours and designs from which you will surely select the best contrast for your apartment. The cushions in the same color enhance the overal impression of this unique seating set.

Senso also folds out to create a generous sleeping area. 
Simple beauty of Senso is highlighted by an impressive baseboard and there is also an original coffee table in the same color to purchase. There you can store things of everyday use such as books, magazines or tablets. It is also possible to use it as a base for your favourite board games. 

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