Pride of every interior

The latest sofa designed by Polstrin catches your eye with its simplicity and elegance, then it surprises you by precisely executed details.

For example, an unconventional processing of armrest shapes. Its rounded tilt provides very comfortable seating and enhances the great ergonomic features of this sofa. Seats with fixed upholstery are comprised of spring bellows in a combination of different PUR foams DUREN which ensure optimum slope and flexibility of the seat. In the upper part under the covering material we apply a special breathable stretchy polyester fleece.



A significant element is also its interesting stitching, which reflects the high proportion of manual work of upholsters from our company. The backrest is solved by a loose cushion which is a chamber with a mixture of polyester crimp beads and polyurethane foam. It makes sitting in NIOBÉ an unforgettable experience.


Another important feature is the stainless steel legs that are selected specifically for this model. Footrests do not traditionally copy sides of the sofas but stand closer to the middle. This gives an unexpected lightness in the space it occupies. This feeling is compounded by its special coating.


 Niobé sofa can have many faces, here is a demonstration of a special assembly that was made for a particular order.

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