Chaise Longue


To slow down and dream

There seems to be no room for relaxation in our contemporary busy society. We are always on the go and in a constant rush. Many times, there is no opportunity to include relaxation areas in architectonic plans. Divans disappeared from furniture maker workshops and all the time we have for ourselves is spent at a dining table or on a sofa in front of a TV screen. “To slow down and dream” is the motto for the new piece of furniture by Polstrin Design. You need to find the time as well as space where you can shake off the stress of the day. Chaise Longue Pure and Comfort easy chairs have been designed just for that. All you need to do is to find your corner, set a bit of time aside, lie down and enjoy the simple curve ergonomically following your body. There you can relax.


Chaise Longue Pure is an easy chair with a timeless design and fragile shape which gives you a light and airy feel. Its seemingly minimalist curve can bring comfort to any interior. 



Chaise Longue Comfort is designed to enhance your feeling of comfort by providing thicker upholstery in the sitting section.



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